That's why we decide to be one of the best. . .

  • Dear customers
    Through the production of top quality wine and brandy we promote Serbian tradition and culture. We are using the best grapes and fruit from our own plantations. Our experience is inherited from ancestors. We want to show the beautiful side of Serbia full of that kind of experience in combination with modern technology and knowledge . . .
  • Cheers
    It's hard to be the oldest, the biggest, the most famous. . . That's why we decide to be one of the best. It is a great and time demanding task. We own vineyards, orchards, equipment, facilities and people and that's all tells that we can truely be one of the best. Fans of good domestic droplets recognize our intentions. Cheers . . .

Sincerely Yours Wine House Milinčić

We are always ready for the cooperation

We cooperate with many famous restaurants and bars in Serbia and beyond . . .